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A Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Internet A few pages regarding the Internet, what it is, the components (browsers and search engines) and common terminology. Inspired by my friend John Combs.

Jim-Isms - Words and sayings to live by...
Philosophy for the culturally starved (like myself...)

Parasite Scan - Scan your browser for parasites.

My Band Pages
My Band Pages



Ellis Island - Search Ellis Island records for your ancestors. Fantastic place to start for tracking your ancestry.

Bird Sites (Exotic Birds)

Golden Cockatoo - Golden Cockatoo is a great pet store for exotic birds and bird needs.

CHAT Programs

AOL Instant Messenger - Free chat program. Chat with your AOL friends without having to have an AOL account.
ICQ Chat - Free chat program. Chat with people around the world.

E-Greeting Cards

Yahoo Greetings - Free electronic Greeting Cards

Fishing & Boating

Boat Owner's Warehouse - Great place for boating parts & accessories.
Captains Log Book - Captain Reese - South Florida's premier charter captain & one heck of a bass player.
Florida Fishing - The beginning of something good.

Flight Sites - Real Life

Mike Baker's Ultimate Seaplane tour over San Francisco California - Pictures from Mike's Seaplane Tour

Flight Sites - Virtual

Looking Glass Studios - Makers of Flight Unlimited III (now out  of business :^(   ) - The ultimate flight site. You can download aircraft, scenery and other stuff for your flight simulator programs.


Bizarre News  - Newsletter for the seeker of comical, but true, news.
Dilbert - No propeller-head page is complete without this link.
Odd News  - News of the strange... (really strange because it's true!) Brought to us by Reuters & Yahoo

Interesting Web Sites

Al Roker's Web Site (Today Show's Weather Person) - Al's dabble into cyber space.
Long Island home page - Good place to start to look at the Island from a web perspective.
Urban Legends.. - Check this site to see if an Internet rumor or legend you heard is true.

Internet Services

Mapquest - Need Maps, Directions or Telephone Numbers ...check this place out.
Search for People & Businesses - Find people & businesses with this web service from MapQuest.
Telephone Listings - Find people and businesses using the Internet.

Internet Services - Domain Names & Such

GoDaddy - Register names for a FRACTION of what VeriSign and others want, plus they have Web hosting.

Job-Seeking Sites

Career Mosaic - Excellent site!
Future Step
Jobs.Net - "Find jobs with less effort and better results
Jobs On-Line
Long Island Jobs
Monster Board - Also know as
Net-Temps - Excellent resource for job seeking.
US Tech

Manufacturer Sites

Disk Drive Info - SEAGATE Drives - Information on Seagate drives.
Microsoft Home - Microsoft's Home Page - Lots of Stuff. "Where do You Want To Go Today?"


My Band Pages - Pages of current and previous bands.
Crease - An up & coming South Florida band - Great home-grown webpage for drummers, collectors and Dolphin's fans.
Fresh Squeezed Records & Production - Stet Blancett Productions - Music Publishing, CD,s Records & more.
Lyrics World - Great Source for music Lyrics
Loren - Drummer, Producer, Educator - Great site for drummers.
Musician Mania - An online resource center that caters to the needs and interests of any musician.
Ridenour Studios - South Florida's Premier Sound Stage and Recording Studio. -Talent website offering FREE web pages to artists and links to other related sites.

News Services & Virtual Newspapers

Odd News  - News of the strange... (really strange because it's true!) Brought to us by Reuters & Yahoo
Newsday News - New York newspaper.
Sun Sentinel News - Florida newspaper.


Other "Pellegrini" Sites

Pellegrini Vinyards  - Pellegrini winery located on long island (no direct relation)

Search Engines and Search Engine Registration Sites

Ask.Com - Excellent Search Engine.
Google - Google Search
Search Engine - Alta Vista - Search Engine.

Shopping & What-Not

Auctions Page - Govermnent Auctions Home page
Classifieds2000 - Virtual classified pages on the web.
Cyber Supermarket - Cyberspace Market place.

Software Web Sites

Bells & Whistles - Excellent site for web developers. Lot's of usefull Java Applets & other trinkets for that special touch.
Internet TCPIP fix  - Download this before you need it. Unzip it and read the readme.txt file.
Parasite Scan Software - SPYBOT Search & Destroy parasite scanning software. Get a copy here. It's a MUST if you surf the net!
Parasite Scan Utility - FANTASTIC site for scanning your browser for ANNOYING PARASITES!  - Shareware & Freeware programs & other goodies.
Shareware Software - Shareware programs and software... the "ultimate" source..
Shareware Software - Shareware programs and software, another good source


Tattoos & Tattoo Sites

One of my Tattoos - I finaly got rid of the old lion tattoo that I had and replaced it with something special from Chris Slota of Bruce Bart Tattoo.


 Really Great Flight Simulator Site

 Track any flight while it's in the air...

Long Island Home PageSun Sentinel NewsBig Yellow Directory - Find People

A Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Internet A few pages regarding the Internet, what it is and common terminology.  Dedicated to my friend John Combs.

Articles of interest Internet safety for children. The dangers and what you can do.

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