Original, and Re-quoted, Phrases to Live By

Anyone who knows me knows that I have taken, and still take, chances. A lot of the times it's against the advise of some of my most trusted friends, and even my family. However, with each chance taken, whether it be successful or not, I learn. You have to learn things for yourself through experience. I am not the richest person in the world, but I have enough to eat, a roof over my head and clothes on my back. I am truly successful. The fact of the matter is, never choose you relatives or friends over your family because the only ones that will stay by your side are your spouse and your children, they are your family. So the meek shall inherit the earth... but I'm going to have some fun while I'm here...



Think positive.

Whatever limits you set for yourself I guarantee you will achieve...
The secret is not to set any... [jp]

If you always do the things you have done, you will always get the things you have gotten. It is not until we break the cycle that we attain and achieve more. Don't be afraid to work, or live, outside your comfort zone. Experience something new every chance you get.

Where there is a will, there is a way... [my father]
(well maybe it wasn't original, but he always said it...)

Love... Yourself and others.

Think positive. Never Imagine the negative, or it will come to pass. [jp]

Get on the merry-go-round and reach for the brass ring. Somebody has got to do it, it may as well be you. [jp]

There will always be someone ahead and behind you. [jp]

You can be on the right track, but if you are not moving, you will still be hit by the train.

Be confident, not cocky. [jp]

It's always darkest before it's pitch black... (only kidding)

Failure is not an option. [jp]

The only thing we have to fear is our own self-doubt. Eliminate this and all things are possible [jp]

Self worth is just that, It comes from within. You can not give someone else self-worth, they must achieve this themselves. However you can compliment them to boost their confidence, and through this they will get ever closer to a feeling of value. [jp]

Everyone's world is the same size. It's not until we compare theirs with ours that we may see the difference. Matters that seem unimportant and insignificant to us, may mean the world to others. Be sensitive to this. [jp]

"Perception is Reality" If you believe it's real, it is. We all hold our own truths. [jp]

Your explanation doesn't necessarily change my reality. [jp]

If you can think it, you can do it...

Think positive.

The only one stopping you, is you...[jp]

Never listen to the neigh-sayers. [jp]

If you can't add anything positive to the conversation then leave it alone...
[Frank Trimboli in San Diego, just as I was about to tell someone they are full of it...]

Give, and then give some more. Whatever you give away will return with interest [jp]

Don't waste other people's time, and don't let them waste yours. [jp]

You can say no... Do it if it's the right thing to do, no matter the situation. [jp]
(my daughter hates when I practice this one...)

You can not sell someone something that they won't buy. Don't waste your time, or theirs. [jp]

Do unto others as you want done unto you...

To forgive is divine, To get even is fun... (only kidding...)

"Remember reader, as thee paseth by.
As thee are now, so once was I.
As I am now, so thee shall be.
Prepare therefore to follow me."

[Quote from a headstone in Halifax Nova Scotia, circa - 1700's]

We are all here for a limited amount of time, and then we are gone. Be kind to others while you have the chance. Try to make a positive difference.

In the land of the blind, it's the Cyclops that's king. [You don't have to be able to see everything, you just have to see more than those around you, and you will be King (or Queen.)] [Chris Durante]

Think positive.

Laugh... Laughter is the voice of the soul.

The "Golden Rule", He who has the Gold, Rules [Chris Durante]

All things come full circle - Good and Bad...

Don't over analyze the situation, take action. [jp]

You can't be Big-Time if you think Small-Time... [jp]

In the game of pool, let your partner shoot their own shots... [jp]

Check back... I'm sure there will be more added... Jim


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