My Trip to Israel

July 2000

    Recently I took a business trip to Israel for some training. Although I would never consent to spend that much time away from my family again, it did have some very nice moments. I had the pleasure of meeting a lot great people and see first hand places that I had only read about. Israel is without a doubt a very special place, unlike any other I have ever been to. These pages are just a few select shots from my visit. Most where shot by myself and a couple where shot by one of the people I met while I was there, Kim Chow. I have made every effort to correctly identify the sites in the photos, but there is a chance I have made an error or two in identification or spelling... If while viewing these photos you see an error of any kind please email me with the correction. Thanks to everyone from me for making my visit the success and pleasure that it was, most of all thanks go to my wife for keeping me company over the Internet and for still being here when I got back... It was a very long trip...

I Have limited the photos to 5 per page, and even with this limitation, some pages may take a little while to load. Please be patient. Out of the well over 200 pictures I shot, I have posted 53 of them on 11 new pages in various categories. So without further babble... Here are some shots...


The "Men"

The "Men"

Group photo. Left to Right (Standing) - Rajesh Patel / U.K., Olivier Borgeaud / France, (Sitting) Volker Eifert / Germany,  Craig Burnett / U.K., (Kneeling) George Gonzalez / U.S.A., Martin Nesmerak / Germany.

On the Rocks...

Me on a rock...

Me sitting on a rock by the Dead Sea. These rock formations look very similar to those used by the Eskimos for navigation in the northern regions of North America.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv from a distance

Tel Aviv from a distance

The local Market Place in Tel Aviv

Telaviv Market Place

Tel Aviv Market

The market place in Tel Aviv. This is where the local people shop for their provisions. It is a Kosher market under strict supervision (so I'm told.) It was definitely different than the standard supermarket here.

Sing us a song...

Singin' for a Living

Many aspects of Tel Aviv remind me of NYC. The street entertainers, the Graffiti and the really dense traffic... Don't drive in Tel Aviv if you can help it...

Shots of Jerusalem

Shots of Joffa

Shots of Masada

Area Photos

Group Shots

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